Spotify friends list not updating

Posted by / 30-Nov-2017 20:53

Spotify friends list not updating

Every week on a Monday Spotify will create a new playlist of two hours of music based off what you've been recently listening to.Each week a new playlist will be made available composed of bands you've been listening to, as well as what other people with similar tastes have been playing.Other modifiers include "album", "artist" and "genre".These can be combined, for example: "album:love artist:cult" only finds tracks from The Cult's "Love".Spotify's desktop version used to have its own apps which could be installed in the "App Finder" section.Those apps have now been discontinued, but you can find apps that work with Spotify at its Developer Showcase website.

Imported files can be found under "Local Files" in the left pane.

However, you might not want your friends knowing what you're listening to.

To temporarily hide what you're rocking out to, click your name in the top-right corner of the Spotify window and select "Private Session".

It's a great way to discover new music and rekindling love affairs with old favourites. And some artists, such as Prince and Taylor Swfit, aren't on there.

To fix that, you can import your own MP3s, play them as if they were streamed, and even add them to your playlists.

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These apps include Shazam, which creates Shazam playlists in Spotify, and Algoriddim DJay, which lets you turn your device into a DJ system and mix Spotify tracks on the go.