Saiyuki youkai dating game

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Saiyuki youkai dating game

Well, let us take a look at this week’s episodes and see if they continue to hold up, or if they start to drop in quality past the halfway mark.Saiyuki Reload Blast Episode 7 with the flashback sequences well out of the way, the focus is back onto the main party as they journey ever deeper into the ruinous lands full of demons.Unfortunately, they are allowed no time to relax, as a village on the outskirts of their protection has fallen under attack. They easily route the youkai, and each priest gets an idea of the power that they each possess, afterward talking about what may happen if they recited their mantras in unison.They decide against it, as the result could possibly be disastrous, and the episode ends with a traitor in the midst of the crew, breaking the protective aura around the place they are staying and showing some menacing fellows potentially readying an attack.

All in all the show manages to remain interesting even though things start to feel a little rushed in some instances, the character growth is still phenomenal and the random moments of fan service do not detract from the overall product.Knight’s & Magic Episode 7 The previous episode ended with Ernie bringing his mecha to display in a battle against the lead engineer of the land’s modified versions of his own Telestale models.Of course, Ernie is not to be outdone, having supplied brand new upgraded suits to every member of his crew.Unfortunately, just proving that they were all there does not prove who had asked who to meet there, and even if he was goaded into it, Sudo did, in fact, attack the three kids from Class C.It is left to Ayonokoji and Horikita to find enough evidence to prove the innocence of Sudo, and if they fail to do so then expulsion is on the table for possible outcomes since both sides appear to be lying.

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The two remaining able-bodied Sanzo’s are our own Genjyo Sanzo and Sharak Sanzo.