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I’ll try to […] I just said to my husband, “I’ve got to post something *fun* on the blog tonight.” I figured that after a couple of very technical, code-heavy posts, we all needed a break.He looked at me like I had two heads…I guess this isn’t his idea of fun. I saw […] I’d be rich if I had a dime for every time I explained that panic hardware is required for Assembly and Educational occupancies with an occupant load of more than 100 people (per IBC 2000 or 2003, NFPA 101) or more than 50 people (per IBC 2006 or 2009).

The codes and standards weren’t clear, so on doors with panic devices the fire marshals were looking for 32″ between the panic device and the stop on the strike jamb.The school had been having trouble with their computer lab door, and this was their solution – a bent bar in 2 hasps welded to the door.This is not code-compliant, as the codes require one motion to exit under […] I’ve been asked this question so many times you’d think I’d know the answer by now.We usually plan on stopping somewhere for the kids to burn off some energy, and yesterday’s stop was at the Virginia Museum of Transportation in Roanoke.I can find an interesting (to me) hardware application just about anywhere, […] Wait a minute – WHAT???

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However, […] That’s the question I was asked on Friday…“If someone orders a delayed egress exit device or delayed egress mag-lock, when do they need the ‘BOCA’ feature?