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Line’s reported revenue of 6 million in 2014 comes from a range of sources: “In Japan, young people often swap Line IDs like only a few years ago they’d swap email addresses or phone numbers,” says Brian Ashcraft, an Osaka-based correspondent for gaming site Kotaku.Photo by: Jon Russell Japan is the only market Twitter is in where they are more popular than Facebook.Beau-co delivers the experience in a lively and engaging way to its younger customer base, who predominately use smartphones.Shiseido recognized that a conversational aspect would give them the desired interaction and provide a wealth of information about their customer base, but building and delivering such an app in Japanese was a challenge.

Beau-co customers can converse with the app about all manner of beauty related topics such as how to apply eye make-up, as well as specific Shiseido products.

Remember professional photographers take many photographs simply to improve the odds of obtaining a few good ones.

Things to avoid with photographs are: messy or busy backgrounds, fuzzy web cam pictures, pictures with ex-girlfriends, female friends or sister as they are bound to cause doubts in Japanese girl's minds.

Users can also use the service to make free voice and video calls.

Line was launched in 2011 by NHN Japan, the Japanese arm of South Korean giant Naver.

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