Home updating costs

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Home updating costs

Doing work without a permit may save money, but it’ll cause problems when you resell your home.

Decide if you want to get the permits yourself or have the contractor arrange for them.

To qualify for the loan, the total value of the property must fall within the FHA mortgage limit for your area, as with other FHA loans.

A streamlined 203(k) program provides an additional amount for rehabilitation, up to ,000, on top of an existing mortgage.

For example: Your target fixer-upper house has a 1960s kitchen, metallic wallpaper, shag carpet, and high levels of radon in the basement.

Your comparison house, in the same subdivision, sold last month for 0,000.

In the real world, attempting a difficult remodeling job that you don’t know how to do will take longer than you think and can lead to less-than-professional results that won’t increase the value of your fixer-upper house. Some tasks, like stripping wallpaper and painting, are relatively easy.The final sum is usually less than the market value of your home, ie the amount you’d expect to get if you were selling it.This is because factors such as the land, location, school catchment area, and supply and demand are taken into account.Don’t rely on your friends or your contractor to eyeball your fixer-upper house.Hire pros to do common inspections like: Most home inspection contingencies let you go back to the sellers and ask them to do the repairs, or give you cash at closing to pay for the repairs.

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